Winter Weather Water Damage And Restoration Plans

February 19, 2021

Winter Weather Water Damage And Restoration Plans

Fall foliage may be beautiful. Your trees put on one last dramatic show before the end of the year. However, if you leave piles of colorful leaves spilling over the top of your clogged gutters, you can have trouble by spring.

Gutters direct water away from your home, protecting it against seepage and flooding. When clogged with leaves, they will back up, overflow, and send water around the foundation. Eventually, that water leaks into your home, potentially setting off a chain of events that may damage your property; one poorly maintained gutter can lead to a wet, moldy mess.

Water Damage Restoration In Willoughby

Clean Clogged Gutters

Moisture is the enemy, an accumulation of damp leaves is dangerous. When not properly cleaned and maintained, leaf debris builds up, and water eventually surges over the top of gutters. When leaves, twigs, and moss are not removed, heavy rains fill what space was left in the gutters and overflow. When water streams onto the decking and brick patio below, it could leak through foundation cracks into the home's basement.

Many areas are vulnerable to damage. The fascia board, the protective layer connecting the gutter to the roof, can rot. Portions of the roof rafters can disintegrate. Plus, you can't see the hidden damage inside the walls from all that moisture leaking into the house.

Damp and wet areas are prime locations for mold growth, which damages the structural integrity of the home. Once water leaks into the house, basement, or foundation, mold can develop within 24-48 hours. So call for help if you smell or see signs of mold.

Maintain Often

So, how often should homeowners get their gutters cleaned to avoid water leaks and mold? Every property is unique. If the property has a lot of trees (or trees that drop a lot of leaves in a short time), the range could range from one to up to six times a year at homes in heavily wooded areas.

Each time you mow the yard, you could just check the downspouts and use your hand to clear out the leaves. A professional service should include cleaning gutters, making sure downspouts are draining properly, cleaning up debris from the ground, and evaluating the gutters' structure.

If you see (or suspect) mold on your home exterior, you want to hire a company that you can trust to safely remove the mold and protect your interior. Water damage restoration experts have advanced equipment, training, and the experience needed to find the source of your mold problem and eradicate it for good.

If You Suspect Water Damage…

… get the water damage restoration experts at Pine Ridge Restoration in immediately to investigate. A trained eye, years of experience, and high-tech equipment can help identify where excess moisture might be hiding inside walls. The team uses advanced technology like thermal imaging to detect moisture and potential water damage in hard-to-see areas. They can also identify steps for proper water damage restoration and cleanup and conduct follow-up testing to ensure the damage was removed properly.

Emergency Storm Damage Mitigation and Restoration

While severe build-up of leaves and damp organic material can lead to slow-developing water damage to your exterior, winter storms can cause extensive damage in a short amount of time. Wind, rain, or hail storms all cause structural damage and can wreak havoc on your home. Once the "shell" is broken, even more water can enter and cause even more damage. Don't risk additional problems. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get your property back to normal.

Contact The Water Damage Experts

The water damage restoration experts at Pine Ridge Restoration are the team to protect your home. Started in 1989, our company began as a cleaning business with a single truck. Over the years, the entire fleet of vehicles evolved to include many types of cleaning services: residential, commercial, industrial, and restoration. Their steadfast commitment to providing high-quality, comprehensive water damage cleaning and restoration solutions while delivering extraordinary customer service is driven by a family-owned and operated approach.