Water Damage Wickliffe – Avoiding Unstable Structures

March 29, 2023

Water Damage Wickliffe – Avoiding Unstable Structures

Almost all U.S. homes that were built or remodeled in the last 70 years have drywall in them, regardless of the style or region. While some homes have a feature wall of rock or brick, wallboard is the standard because of its low installation price, insulation properties, fire resistance, and ease of painting. And for a finished look, most builders add a vertical strip where the floor meets the wall baseboards. Not only do they cover the uneven edge of flooring next to the wall, but the decorative element also protects the wall from bumps.

Wonky Walls & Bendy Floor Boards After Water Damage – Wickliffe Residents

However, when your home suffers from excess water on the floors, both the walls and baseboards can become damaged. Pine Ridge Restoration has seen lots of wavy, crumbly, and moldy materials resulting from untreated water damage. Call for help as soon as you notice loose water in your home. The Pine Ridge team can help prevent a lot of damage from happening.


Water seeps and creeps up the wall from the floor. When moisture gets into the spaces behind the wall, the sheetrock can warp, weaken and degrade the soft material. The paper backing might wrinkle, the latex paint will bubble, or dark streaky stains might bleed through.

If the sheets of gypsum get really wet, they'll shift and displace the attached baseboards from their place flush next to the wall. These tell-tale gaps between the baseboards and the wall look terrible.


Since water settles on the ground, a spill or leak will primarily affect the baseboards. When either composite or wood material absorbs water, it will swell. Fiberboard (compressed sawdust and resin) is even more absorptive and vulnerable than real wood.

Don't wait– call an expert if you discover mold stains on baseboards and walls. The damage probably extends into the hidden spaces behind the walls. Your health is at risk; extreme caution must be taken to remove all traces of mold. Pine Ridge Restoration has water damage experts and the expertise to keep your family safe.

The Pine Ridge Restoration Water Removal Process

As soon as you call our office, a team will be dispatched to start managing the disaster site right away. Identifying and addressing the leak source is a crucial step before taking care of any water damage on baseboards. Without stopping the water, any efforts at fixing the visible damage are a waste of time.

The next priority is the safe and swift removal of all of your affected possessions. Depending on the extent of the water damage, floor coverings, and baseboards may need to be removed to get to the walls

Structural drying equipment is then placed to rapidly remove any remaining water from the building materials. Dehumidifiers might be used to speed up this process. The team will consistently monitor and document the drying progress to completion.

During this process, the experienced estimator will interact with our insurance company and will provide the necessary documentation.

Rember, not all baseboards are salvageable. Many fiberboard baseboards aren't reparable; any warping will send them to the dumpster. While repairing is cheaper, replacement with solid wood is a better long-term solution.

Wickliffe Water Damage Relief

For over thirty years, Pine Ridge Restoration has provided Wickliffe with a full suite of cleaning and restoration services. Our fleet of vehicles has expanded since 1989 to serve residential, commercial, industrial, and restoration. A steadfast commitment to delivering extraordinary customer service drives every client interaction. Call our water damage experts for immediate support.