Water Damage Restoration – Early Signs of Water Damage

May 19, 2022

Water Damage Restoration – Early Signs of Water Damage

Water damage to a house can be the most frustrating and difficult thing to deal with for a homeowner. Ignoring the obvious indicators of water damage and failing to recognize the early signs could cost you a lot of money and time in the long term. Understanding what to check for is one of the most important aspects of preventing any possibility of water damage or addressing the issues from the start. If you notice any of these indicators, have them fixed immediately to avoid further long-term damage.

Water Damage Restoration In Wickliffe

The Growth of Mold

Water damage frequently results in pools of water in darker and quiet regions. Unfortunately, this is a great atmosphere for bacteria to grow and thrive. Mold issues might continue even after a leak or flood has been stopped. These germs are a two-pronged hazard to your home. Mold, for starters, deteriorates the nutrients in construction materials and degrades the structural supports. Second, exposure to mildew mold spores can be extremely toxic to humans. To avoid mold formation, repair the damage as quickly as possible.

A Musty Smell

The presence of excess humidity or moisture in your home's interiors is a clear indicator of water damage. A musty smell accompanies each of these indications. Mold growth is aided by wetness and humidity, which results in a musty stench. Consider this a tell-tale indicator of bathroom water damage. The odor might be particularly intense in regions where there has been water damage.

Water Pools or Puddles

When you find a pool of water in your house, clean that up and monitor it for a few days to see whether the puddles reappear. A puddle of water will usually appear on the flooring if something is dripping or leaking. If the unpleasant puddle or pool reappears, you could be dealing with a leak.


When water seeps through your building's walls, it always leaves stains behind. When you notice brown streaks running down the walls of your house, it could be an indication of a gutter overflow or a roof that is not draining correctly. Because your gutters may clog with debris and dirt, it is important to have a specialist examine them before a major problem arises.

Peeling Or Bubbling Paint

Because much of our buildings' plumbing is hidden inside walls, leakage in those walls is always common. Moisture leaking behind walls can be detected by chipping or flaking paint or wallpapers. Moisture gathers behind the sidewalls and flows through, peeling and bubbling the paint. It is crucial to spot these warning signs early enough so that water does not cause more catastrophic damage to your wall, like cracking or bending.

If you detect water damage in your house or office building, the best course of action is to find a qualified water damage repair company. At Pine Ridge Restoration, we have years of experience working to prevent and repair home floods and water damage. Our crews know how to examine and identify the source of a leak and will focus on cleaning up and restoring the area quickly to prevent any more damage. Call today!