How Water Pressure Relates To Water Damage

October 21, 2022

How Water Pressure Relates To Water Damage

Stepping into your shower after arriving home from a long day at work or a challenging workout is a great way to relax, unwind, and wash the stress and/or sweat away. Finding that there is only a trickle of water coming from your shower head can put a real damper on things though, and you can also be blasted by water pressure that is way too strong. Whether it is for showering, washing dishes, or performing any other activity involving the use of a faucet, low water pressure is not optimal and high water pressure can cause serious damage.

Water Damage Wickliffe

The following list will show you why it is critical to monitor the water pressure in your home's plumbing system so you can prevent water damage and still have adequate pressure for daily use.

  1. Determine the level of your water pressure right now. Using a pressure gauge is the most precise way to check the water pressure in your home, and they are super easy to use. All you need to do is connect a pressure gauge that you can find at your local hardware store to an outdoor hose faucet. Then, make sure that all the other faucets are shut off and that any other appliances or devices that use water are turned off so you can obtain a baseline reading that is as accurate as possible. Turn on the faucet then let the gauge do its work. It will obtain a reading showing you what your pressure is. Household water pressure should typically range from 30 to 80 psi.
  2. If your reading is too low, there are a few probable issues you should be aware of. A plumbing leak will cause water to exit the pipes before it reaches the faucet, lowering the pressure reading. Low water pressure can also be brought on by clogged drains or build-up in pipes because they impede the flow of water. Make sure your water pressure does not drop below 30 psi to ensure that your appliances are operating properly and reduce the risk of leaks.
  3. When your water pressure is too high, your entire plumbing system is under excessive strain. The amount of pressure that pipes can withstand before losing integrity and developing leaks, cracks, or bursting is limited. In addition to raising the danger of water damage, this forceful water can also raise your water cost. You have more water than necessary pouring through your pipes, faucets, and appliances when your water pressure is too high. This can amount to gallons of water wasted every single day. 60 to 70 psi is a reasonable range for water pressure, but anything above 75 psi needs attention so you don't end up with water damage.
  4. Installing a regulator will help you keep your home's water pressure at an ideal level. Water regulators control how much water from the municipal supply enters your home. They can adjust automatically or manually to ensure your home is getting the right pressure. Just like with a water pressure gauge, you can purchase a regulator at your local hardware store and follow the instructions for correct installation.

If you have any other questions regarding water damage in your Wickliffe home or need help with a water damage situation, give Pine Ridge Restoration a call.